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starter seems to run alittle long after start

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when i use my factory remote after 3 lock the starter starts but it seems the strter runds a few seconds longer once started   is there an adjust for this  I am using the EVO-one module  with T-harness
posté Mai 20 dans la catégorie Dodge par Mike Hansen (130 points)

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in the remote starter settings.


if you put the unit in tachless, option 20.2, you will be able to manually adjust crank time via option 3.
répondu Mai 20 par Robb (262,210 points)
S/N# 002B04164600   I think this is it


Thank you i will try that
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What is the vehicle?


What is the S/N to the evo one module?
répondu Mai 20 par Derek (227,500 points)
I will have to get the serial number in a few  from the truck  but its a 2007 Dodge ram 2500 6.7l cummins