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2016 Juke parking light wire resets car features

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I have 2 2016 Nissan Jukes, yes, his and hers. My starter works fine and turns on the parking lights (brown wire to purple wire of green pin1 at BCM connector), when I put the brown to purple in my wifes car, the lights don't turn on and it resets the radio/time to factory, every time. Again, identical 2016 Jukes. I am NOT pulling the starter out of her car as where I have it tucked in takes a long time to get at.

Verified 12v at purple wire with manually turning on the parking lights but when remote started the Fortin brown wire has nothing. Ideas?
posté Mai 2, 2021 dans la catégorie Nissan par Eric Laing (390 points)

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If you trace that brown wire back it goes to a relay in the harness. I would check relay operation when remote starting.


Brown should have 12v comming out when remote started.


Use this diagram as a cross reference for the relay to diagnose its functionality:
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That's all fine and dandy (haven't had time to check the relay yet) but why does it reset everything? It's like I had disconnected the battery and have to reprogram everything in the car. THAT does not make sense.
It may be due to the output on the relay not functioning properly, which is why I suggest testing it.


If you leave that wire off does the vehicle act normally?
Totally normal if I don't connect it.
In that case, leave it off for now.


Test both the output from the relay and the vehicles wire to ensure proper operation of each circuit.


You can use the diagram I linked above for the pin out of the relay.
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However, I did pull the relay out and checked it on my test bench and putting 12v to the coil it clicks (I'm an electrician by trade so I know how relays work fyi so the coil aspect of it seems fine.). I checked all functions: NC is NC, NO is NO; coil pulled in: NC is NO, NC is NO. Checking NC with coil pulled in shows open, checking NC with coil passive shows closed so there is no issue with coil or contacts. When I reinstall the starter (had to remove it temporarily) I will try the suggestion above and connect the brown wire and 'reset' the radio to see if that works, but I don't see why it would as I never got voltage from the brown wire and the lights never came on and yes, A14 is 'ON' as an option.
répondu Mai 5, 2021 par Eric Laing (390 points)
modifié Mai 5, 2021 par Eric Laing
Turn off option A14 in your EVO. The description of it is misleading.

That option actually prevents the evo from controlling parking lights itself and assumes the EVO will be told by a third party device when to control the lights.


B2 should ideally be OFF
Cool. I did edit my B2 to A14 wording, I'll try that and see!
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some vehicles will have a key recognition feature. When started with key1 you get whatever features that driver normally uses and when started with key2 (driver2) you get whatever features that driver has. Like memory seats adjusting themselves, driver specific hvac seatings, etc...


The remote starter can be seen as a new key with no settings. So, remote start car, adjust the settings you want, then shut down the car.
répondu Mai 5, 2021 par Robert T (284,540 points)
No key recognition in the Juke - never had this problem with our other 2016. Regardless, there is no voltage that comes from the brown wire when remote started, dead relay :(

Make sure option A14 is turned OFF, not ON.


It is currently enabled in your unit. (see pic below)

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