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XL202 option not showing in unit options for evo-one in flashlink

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I am looking to get a viper remote/antenna, with an XL202, but before doing that i went to make sure I could configure my evo-one properly. Problem is, it appears that I can't.

here is what i see when i open the unit options. There should be an XL202 option next to fortin 2


here is module info: (btw could a staff member reset the flash limit on the remote starter, i tried different firmware versions to see if the option would unlock)


firmware update version


flashlink version 4.51


2019 kia forte standard key
posté Mai 2 dans la catégorie FAQ par Alice Knag (130 points)

1 Réponse

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Flash the remote starter for version 1.18. Once flash is complete, disconnect the evo and then re connect it to the flash link updater.

Next go to conffiguration>unit options then check XL202, click save icon in upper left hand corner and wait for window to dis appear on its own.


Once done go ahead and update the rs back to 1.25.
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