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Programming didnt work

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Ive wiring my evo all and programmed it one time, after this programming: The Car didnt start over 3 times Lock, but the ignittons turn on.

After that i checked the wiring but i dont change anything . Since that point the ignition didnt start aggain, Ive reseted the evoall (master reset) and try to programm ist aggain. after i tried it to programming, in the manual at point eight i press and release the programming button. The red LED is solid and nothing happend, if i push the button aggain the red LED flash slow  (1sek on 1 sek off)

It is a 2014 Mustang with Standard keys

Serial of the evo all is 001A07217136
posté Avr 26, 2021 dans la catégorie Ford par Markus Behrens (160 points)

1 Réponse

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Are you doing the 2 key programming procedure or 1 key?


Did you use a t-harness? If so which one?
répondu Avr 26, 2021 par derek (270,120 points)
today i tested both types with the same result.

I use the wire to wire connection. OBD connection is corect, ive checked this aggain today
If you try the 1 key dcryptor programming, what step doesnt work?
Step 5, the red LED dont turn off
Try swapping your Rx and Tx connections then re attempt programming.


Also verify the yellow (A1) wire is connected to ignition.
Yes its connected
RED LED staying on at step 5 indicates a problem with the Rx-Tx connections. The Rx-Tx connections are the LIGHT BLUE and LIGHT/BLUE BLACK wires from the 20-pin connector.

Hi, sorry for the late reply,.

the connection to the A1 connector has loose, now its correct and the Programming works. But the car didnt started The Ignition turns on the Display in the middle of Speedometer and speed measurement turns on too.

In the Evo all i can hear that the relay is switch on but the engine doesnt start


Hi again, i found the failiure. My Connector D3 has no wire so i think, i doesnt need it. Ive disconnet the pin out of D4 and put it in D3 and connect it to Ignition +. And now it works .
Glad you got it going.


Best regards.

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