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Guide 88581 where do i hook the Siren to my 08 mkz

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Evo one, rs and alarm. 3 pin L2R (+ , trigger, -). Hoping this is correct as I will be wiring up a duel shock sensor. It has 4 wires. Pre warn and warn. What's best way to tie this in. I have a 3 pin plug for evo. So then after trigger , I need to know where to tie in the siren. Looks like E1 is for Parking lights. Then after those 2 questions answered I'll be putting on a compustar 901 kit. I will swap the rx/tx and plug into the blue 4 pin data port. Then option firstech. So 3 questions. Sensor, siren wire, and flashing options. 08 lincoln mkz standard key. On the rs side I see option 12 for the horn/siren. I was under the impression that the parking lights were through the can. I dont think I usually ever hook up the white wire. As long as I can get parking lights via obd2 then I can simply use it for the alarm. Right ? So if this is the case I dont think I need a relay. But what option do I choose.. like to use as a positive trigger. I usually ground the siren right on the mounting screw of siren to body medal. Then just 2 wires through the firewall. 1 for hoodpin trigger, and 1 for + alarm. Derek was hoping you can jump in. This ok. ? What options all do I need in flashlink for my 08 mkz with 901 firstech. Thanks
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I answer in your other thread.
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