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Hi there! how to re-program or re-start the installation for evo rs all. red lit stay on

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how to re-program or re-install evo all red lit stay on truck not start
posté Avr 2, 2021 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Rolando Rodriguez (180 points)

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When a module is stuck on the RED LED. 

  1. flash evo all to version 0.99
  2. disconnect unit from the flasher and power cycle it in the car (connect/disconnect power connector)
  3. connect module back to the flash link and flash whatever firmware you need
  4. Turn settings protection OFF if it's on and SAVE the options.
  5. Reset the unit following the reset procedure. (this cannot be done while module is connected to the flash link) :
  6. Connect module back to the flash link and enable required options.
  7. Reprogram module to the vehicle following instructions in the installation guide.


Reasons this happened.

  • Unit was connected WHILE doing the install.
  • Unit was disconnected during CAN programming before the blue led started to flash.
  • Power was disconnected while all other connectors were still connected. 
  • during an update or save of options, the flash link lost connection to the module or the internet
  • RF protocols not setup correctly, or RF device not paired to unit correctly.
  • Datalink protocols not setup correctly.
  • Bad ground.
  • Loss of power during writing of data to the module.
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