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Programming EVO-ONE to use MyCar telematics and RFK441

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Is it possible to have the MyCar and the RFK441 coexist?  It seems the answer is no.  I can have both the MyCar and the RFK441 programmed to the EVO-ONE.  And inidivually they will work and operate the EVO-ONE.  But if I plug in the RFK441 into the harness of the MyCar to have both of them attached to the EVO-ONE, only the RFK441 controls the EVO-ONE.  

If it is possible, what steps can be taken to make this happen.  Or do I need a different remote kit for this to work?

Thank you.

posté Mar 28 dans la catégorie FAQ par Jim (820 points)
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Not at this time. It's one or the other for the moment.
répondu Mar 29 par Derek (227,350 points)
élue Mar 29 par Jim
Thank you.

Is this something currently being worked on or planned ot be worked on in the near future?
There are plans to support both at the same time in the future. But I do not have an ETA on when that will be.