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Evo One won't start after 5 min or so but was working right after key bypass programming procedure

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Hi, I'm kind of lost here, nobody seem to have the answer to my problem, not even Fortin when I call them for help. I installed my Evo One on my Hyundai Tucson 2020 standart key start, followed exactly all the wiring as per the guide, double check all my connection (EMS, CAN BUS, ignition wires, etc) and there's no loose cable. After that I did the key bypass programming procedure with EMS cable : hold down program button while plugging the 6 pin heavy gauge wire till it was red, plug all the others wires, press 7 times program button till it flash 6 times every second, put the key in and turn to ON. At this point the red led flashed 10 time quickly and after stayed on while the blue light started flashing quickly too. After that I turned Ignition to OFF and every light turn off. Right after that I tried to start the car by pressing LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK and the car started no problem. I then stop the car, close the door and wait...

5 min later, I tried to restart the car with the remote starter but it didn't work. The car got the lock unlock lock signal but no light is flashing on the module anymore like if it went into sleep mode or something.

I tried many thing and here is what I found out :

- If I unplug all cable from the Evo One and plug it straight back it then start receiving signal again for the next 5 min or so.

- If I open the trunk and close it back, the module seem to start back receiving signal from oem remote.

To me it feel like there is a cut off or something that stop the module from receiving any signal from the oem remote after a certain amount of time, kind if it was to prevent from draining the battery of the car.

Could also be that the Evo One is loosing the key programming after current shutting off in the car but then it shouldn't start by just unplugging and replugging the 6 pin ignition wires.


*Sorry if my english is not perfect, I usually speak french.
posté Mar 26, 2021 dans la catégorie Hyundai par Kevin Raymond (250 points)

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"At this point the red led flashed 10 time quickly and after stayed on while the blue light started flashing quickly too."



The red led should not be on when the blue flashes if it is on this indicates you have a connection issue with your orange/green & orange/brown can bus wires which in turn may be the root cause of your other problems you are having.

répondu Mar 26, 2021 par derek (270,070 points)
élue Mar 30, 2021 par Kevin Raymond
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I already check thoses wires and they are properly connected. I read somewhere that sometime you can try to switched them or they can also have an unbalanced load. Should I try to switch them then? Put the Green from OBD2 with the Orange/Brown and the Orange from OBD2 with Orange/Green...
répondu Mar 26, 2021 par Kevin Raymond (250 points)
Sure you can try switching em around.


When you checked them what did they measure? Where did you check them? At the vehicle or at the evo?
Seem that I didn't properly double check my OBD2 CAN bus wires. Then I triple check them and figure out that I might had a bad contact or my wire wasn't properly strip out so I just clean cut them, strip all the tips and connect all the wires back as it should be and now it's working perfectly. The problem was that because of this bad contact, the module was loosing the key bypass programmation after a couple minutes (5min or so). I did the key bypass programing procedure again and now only the blue light was flashing fast at the end. Problem solve, thanks.

Just for information, the load on each wire was 2.15mv or so and one of them was jumping to 2.8mv when key to On/run position.

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