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Is there an up to date firmware log ?

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I'm using an Evo One and I was just wondering if there's a section that lists newest firmwares for it ?

I see that the newest Evo One rev7 is 7.1.25, and Evo All rev7 is 7.91.01 ...

Mine is on Bypass 85.10, and Starter 1.25.

Am I assuming correctly that my starter is on the newest (7.)1.25
but bypass could be updated from 85.10 to (7.)91.01 ...
posté Mar 23 dans la catégorie Mazda par Martin Sermak (630 points)

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85.10 is the correct version for your mazda and 1.25 is the up to date version for the RS.


91.xx firmware is for a kia sorento and does not apply to your vehicle.


Once the module is installed and functioning no further updateing is required.
répondu Mar 23 par Derek (228,160 points)
élue Mar 23 par Martin Sermak