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2014 Golf SportWagen push to start wont start with 3x lock

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Using 3x lock hazards flash, doors unlock, then re lock starter engages for a split second and stops and I can see the dash illuminating steering lock fault and have codes in the steering lock module for terminal 50 short to B+. Using evoall with vw tharvw1 so very minimal connections. Latest firmware flashed and using the selected options for the vehicle in flash link.
posté Mar 19, 2021 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Sean (720 points)

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I would start with re checking your connectors. Sounds like that fault may be comming from a loose or missing connector.


Also be sure you plugged the T-Harness into the connector behind the start/stop ecu

répondu Mar 19, 2021 par derek ! (284,570 points)
Yes its plugged into the correct connector farther down the the column and not the 16pin one right behind the steering wheel. Pin 15 from the evo all goes to the brown wire on the t harness, brake pedal wire to BCM, ign and canbus at the obd port and tb VW to the key ring up by the start/stop button.

Looking at the wire to wire diagram the start/stop wire has 2 diodes. I assume those are hidden in the T harness, I'll check those with my diode tester.

The car starts and stops normally with zero faults using the start stop button and the T harness installed.
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Re checked all the wiring, tested the start/stop wiring in the T harness with my diode tester, both diodes test good, triple checked all my connections

In flashlink manager should I only have the icons selected with the green thumbs or whatever is pre populated when I enter the car info? Currently A1-A11 are on but only 4-5 have the green thumbs.
répondu Mar 31, 2021 par Sean (720 points)

Yes click load suggested options and it will turn on/off what is needed in most cases. 


If it stil isnt working I would suggest calling technical support when you have the vehicle and module on hand. 1-877-336-7797