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2006 odyssey relay sliding door diagram

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vehicle- 2006 honda odyssey(standard key)

will be usung guide 86301

remote starter is crimestopper sp-402

bypass module Evo-All SN 001A07215887

will be insatlling these this weeken,my question is

1)sliding door relay, on the picture it says connect to trunk pop - wire, where does this connect trunk pop from the evo all or from crimestopper 402? or is - wire of vehicle for trunk?

2)+ parking light connection is this safe?i read at to not use 12v wire,so which one do i follow?


posté Mar 15, 2021 dans la catégorie Honda par Edrice Iraola (1,060 points)

1 Réponse

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1- trunk close output comes from the crime stopper piece. You will need 3 aux to control sliding doors. All 3 are from your crimestopper piece.


2- test the parking light wire and connect accordingly. The note on wire color is to warn people not to connect 12v to a negative parking light circuit as permanent damage will result.
répondu Mar 15, 2021 par derek ! (284,570 points)