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Software Incompatibility with Remote Function Actuation

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I have installed the EVO-ONE-942 with THAR-ONE-MAZ3 on my 2016 Mazda CX5 Automatic Push Start, and when scanning the vehicle with Thinkcar I get a DTC in EPS module, code U0338:00-08 (Software incompatibility with remote function actuation).

After clearing all code, it comes back again ...

Also, I've noticed the trunk open on the remote opens it half way, meaning it still cannot be actually opened until you unlock the car. Is there a way to disable trunk open as it doesn't work right?

Another weirs "issue" I found, when the car is unlocked with Fortin remote, then locked with "OEM" remote, when you check status with Fortin remote, it will say unlocked even though it's locked. Then when you lock with Fortin remote, it will report the status correctly.


posté Mar 14, 2021 dans la catégorie Mazda par Martin Sermak (630 points)
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The code is normal, It does not illuminate any engine light and does not interfere with vehicle operation in any way. The only time you will see it is if you go looking for it with a scan tool. 


I anwered your other questions in your e-mail request. 


"When you unlock the vehicle with Fortin remote, then lock with OEM remote, and then check status using Fortin remote, it will say the vehicle is unlocked even though it's not, sounds like a software issue."
- This is normal, the Fortin remote cannot know what the OEM remote is doing. The last command the Fortin remote performed was unlock, thus it reports unlock when you do a status request. 
"When you unlock the trunk using Fortin remote (the car did not have a trunk unlock on OEM remote), it opens half way and cannot be opened until the car doors are also unlocked."
-Try setting unlock before trunk open in the unit. See if this changes the operation of the trunk release. 
répondu Mar 15, 2021 par derek ! (277,630 points)
élue Mar 16, 2021 par Martin Sermak
Thanks for the suggestion about the trunk, I will try that.

In regards to Fortin remote not knowing what the OEM remote did,- I thought the Evo One can read the status of doors and can respond to the Fortin remote correctly. I was guessing it possibly had to do with Option C1 (or Function 38) as when I went through the wizard I selected that I didn't want to use OEM 3x Lock function?

In regadrs to the code, should I be worried about leaving the Evo One when I have my car's PCM firmware updated at all? Is this normal for remote starter to trigger that fault code and is it because the car sees either a voltage drop or "outside" input signal on the wires?

Thank you again.
The evo-one will know the status, but it does not get sent to the remote real time to update it. Perhaps in the future this is something that will get developed.


I wouldn't worry about a thing. Your CX-5 is a very popular vehicle/install and has been done 10's of thousnads of times.
Unlock before trunk release fixed the issue. Thanks!
After master resetting bypass, and starter and re-running the setup, and this time choosing the 3x OEM remote start option, I can now unlock with Fortin, lock with OEM, and then query with Fortin and it will correctly answer that it's locked.

I believe the 3x OEM remote lock option made it work, I don't know what else would've done it :)

Either that or the firmware update on the antenna ?!

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