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THAR-ONE-SUB2 & EVO ONE on 2020 Subaru WRX PTS

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I have installed the THAR-ONE-SUB2 in my US WRX per the instruction guide, page page 7/11 T-Harness - Automatic & Manual Transmission

1.) Why is the car not starting with the Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green separeted per the installation guide
2.) Does my US WRX have to follow the Canadian Vehicle steps, if yes why and if no what is the difference

Installation was simple as mainly 2 connectors and areplug N play. I master reset my Evo One, flashed the 2020 WRX firmware and follow the programming steps on page 8/11. When I get to step 5 to start the car, the car starts and shuts off immidiately, eventually not even turning the starter. The lights on the Evo One stay solid for Red and Blue and programming does not complete to follow up on the Dcryptor part. After a little troubleshooting I found that I can get the car to start if I reconnect the Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green wires I cut eariler making the car at least drivable again.


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1- it doesnt start because you physically open the imo circuit when you do that.

2- only difference in the 2 is location of the imo wire.
répondu Mar 15, 2021 par derek ! (279,120 points)
Hi Derek Following the US WRX install why does the car not stay running to finish the programming part, step 5
This would indicate a connection issue with the yellow/red yellow/green.


Make sure all connectos are plugged in when trying to start normally.
All connections are solid, triple checked the last time I tried, unless there is a fault in the harness? When installed and doesn't start with disconnecting anything I can join the yellow/red and yellow/green wires and the car will start but even then the programming does not complete and sits with solid red and blue lights on the Evo One

Make sure all connectos are plugged in when trying to start normally.

This includes the red connector on the evo one. If you plug in the t-harness make sure you plug in the red connector before trying to start the vehicle. 


If it does not start I would do a continuity check on the yellow/red and yellow/green to ensure there is not an open in the circuit. 

Hello Derek

If I understand right there is not suppose to be an open circuit with the Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green wire (imo)

On page 7 on the install guide it mentioned to cut the wires apart opening the connection. I noticed on the t harness that there are 2 other Y/R and Y/G wires that are not connected and seems to be for the Canadian vehicles.

With the Y/R and Y/G wires connected to each other on of connector 6A the car will start but the programming phases on page 8 step 5 does not complete unless it takes a long time?
Sometimes it can take up to 60 seconds for the light to flash.


If you still cannot get it to program I would suggest calling technical support when you have the module, harness and vehicle on hand to diagnose what might be happening.


Thanks for the info Derek, from my past cars it usually programs in a few secs. I will try again in a bit.
Hello Derek

I was working on a networking issue at work and was thinking about this and think I see the issue. Looking back at page 7 this is how I see the installation

Canadain version:
1.) Do NOT cut the bridged connection bewtween Y/R and Y/G wires off connector 6A
2.) Connected the loose wires from the t harness (Y/R and Y/G) to the IMO factory harness under the engine bay

US Version
1.) Cut the bridged connection bewtween Y/R and Y/G wire off connector 6A
2.) Connected the loose wires from the t harness (Y/R and Y/G) to the now cut wires (Y/R and Y/G) off connector 6A

Is this correct, the diagram looks to illustrate this but on the connection points it has the box with "OR" on it. If this is the case my simple mind did not get it at first and seperating the Canada and US install to seperate pages might help others.
Did this issue ever get resolved? Just wondering because I will be doing this install soon.

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