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Remote start not working after 2 days

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Installed evo-audt1 stand alone add on with a t-harness on Audi A4 14. It worked for two days then stopped working. The car/key works fine. All three break lights illuminate. Connections were made correctly and very secure. What else can be done to troubleshoot? Should I just reset, decryption and program  again?
posté Mar 8, 2021 dans la catégorie Audi par Kevin Clark (130 points)

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When you try to remote start it does the dash turn on? Are they any errors on the screen?


Did you use any type of quick connect? (i.e. T-tap, posi tap etc).
répondu Mar 8, 2021 par derek ! (277,630 points)
No I tapped directly into the wires. Spread and twisted the new wires in.

When you try to remote start it does the dash turn on? Are they any errors on the screen?

The remote start doesnt work aftert 3 clicks anymore. Nothing comes up on the dash. There are no errors showing.
I replied to your email Kevin.

Please contact tech support so Fortin can troublehsoot the issue live over the phone.



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I pulled the pannel off last night and the remote start worked after I pulled out the module. Is there a recommended placement for the unit? I tested out different locations and the issue seemed to be coming from tucking it under the dash.
Not really, just make sure it isnt near any type of rf or communication device. Also make sure when you tuck it up you are not bending and pinching wires or connectors for the unit.


Glad you found out what was causing it.


Best Reagrds.

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