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I installed my Evo one in my 2015 Lancer and it won't work

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I installed my Evo One with standard key. well i installed it and it wasn't working 100% meaning that some time it would work on the first try and not work until the second try, or even not at all. So i went back and checked and I may have found a loose starter (yellow) wire, but not 100% certain of that. Now Click the fob 3X, all the lights come on (dash, interior, parking) doors unlock, it seems to run its course. same as before but now does not start at all. Parking lights flash 4X indicating no tach. Then it cycles again with the same results but no start. I think the encryptor is now not working or had some issues to start with. with my power probe I have tested that everything else coming from the evo one is working. The ignition wire (pink) + comes on and then the starter wire (yellow) + comes on but the car will not start. I then tested the cars harness by unhooking the evo, then I put the key in the ignition in the on/run position, then use my power probe on the same wire that the yellow wire was plugged into, the car will start. 

So then I'm thinking I should try and run through the install procedure with plugging in the 6 pin and running through the LED flashing light stop on Blue again procedure. This did not help any.  

So, what is the best way to reset everything and try it again, or do you have something else I should check first,

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posté Mar 2 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Louis Moler (130 points)

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Reset is found here:

If you are using T-taps or any plastic type connector to do the connections, that is the number one cause of problems.
répondu Mar 2 par Robb (262,720 points)
I reconnected all my connectors, reset my Evo and reprogrammed it. Now it will start my car on the second cycle but when I shut it off it will not start again unless I unplug the unit and plug it back in.

 I have not heard from anyone, please help, also I don’t think that I have been very clear. I've gotten the same result as the first time I installed this unit. Once the unit is installed it will only start the car once. Sometimes it will work on the first attempt or most of the time it will only work on the second attempt, but it will only work once the first time you push the three-lock starting procedure. All other attempts it will run through the procedure ending with the light flashing 4 times.

Also please note: That I only use solder and shrink tap for this install.

I would suggest calling fortin technical support when you have access to the vehicle, flash link and evo. Issues such as yours are better handled live on the spot over the phone.

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