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Altima shuts off when brakes depressed

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After remote starting my vehicle, when I enter the vehicle, it will shut off as soon as I step on the brake. I hit the unlock first then enter but unable to put it in gear without the vehicle shutting off. Altima does have push start. Please help
posté Fev 22 dans la catégorie Nissan par Joe Lima (270 points)

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when the car is remote started and you press unlock, does the blue led on the evo flash?
répondu Fev 23 par Derek (227,550 points)
When I press unlock I get a blue led, when I hit lock, I get a blue led. Hitting the door pin button does nothing though.
so if you press unlock on oem remote, open/close door enter vehicle does it still shut off?
Yes, it will still shut off as soon as I hit the start button or depress the brake
Just to confirm when the car is REMOTE STARTED and you press unlock the blue led flashes twice on the evo?


What is the S/N to the unit?
Yes it flashes twice
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if you press the push button once your in what happens ?
répondu Fev 22 par Haidar Jabbar (8,720 points)
If I remote start lock 3x - vehicle starts - I hit unlock - enter and close the door - ignore the brake and hit the start button, vehicle will shut off. Not sure if it's something in the programming. I have push start set to yes.