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no remote start

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2006 ford freestyle.  I have 2 keys.  Hard wired in.  The bcm i think is wrong for wire colors.  it looks like the wires are in the blue connector and the - disarm is a light blue wire.  could not find the light blue with black tracer. For disarm. plug in module goes to red let up insert first key to run position for 3 seconds. led lights on module turn red and yellow turn off remove key insert second key red light flashes 1 time remove key  press and hold red light flashes 1 time let up on button .press fob lock 3x and no led flashing 10x.   Any ideas would be great  I have the lastes firm ware and udates in.
posté Fev 18, 2021 dans la catégorie Ford par Byron Wilhoite (220 points)

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This vehicle is not listed for 3xlock . In order to monitor the oem remotes, it needs to be done via can-bus. There are no can-bus connections on this vehicle. Under Required Technology, it lists RF-KIT


The connections for the doorlocks are to control the vehicles doorlocks from an aftermarket system (from the rf-kit).


You can still program the module though by either following the method for manual transmissions by jumping 12v to ignition temporarily instead of activating the rmeote starter, OR simply doing the 1 key programming method. 


répondu Fev 18, 2021 par Robert T (284,490 points)