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What does the hood pin connect to on the vehicle?

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I have an '07 Accord and see that the hood pin is listed to be connected to pin A15 on the Evo One. My kit did not come with a hood pin but I would like to install a manual switch inside the cabin to toggle off when performing maintenance on the vehicle.

My question is this: If I connect pin A15 to one pole on the switch where does the other lead go? To a ground point in the vehicle or is there another pin that it needs to go back in to?
posté Fev 15, 2021 dans la catégorie Honda par Michael Sventek (200 points)

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Connect it to ground
répondu Fev 15, 2021 par Haidar Jabbar (22,390 points)
élue Fev 15, 2021 par Michael Sventek