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How to add a blue flashing light for when system is armed?

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I want to add a flashing blue light to warn off vehicle burglar. I tried you white wire on evo all, but it's a staying a ground with car running or off.
posté Fev 11 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par marcus madden (220 points)

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There is no detected LED output on the EVO-ALL. As a byass module, It is already being pushed to its limits (offers key bypass, remote start, alarm..) It would be available on a Fortin RF-KIT though.


The WHITE, becomes a (-)start-kill output when EVO-ALARM is enabled. Typically, that only outputs ground when the system is armed AND that the alarm is ringing (someone broke in). If it was alaways at ground, the starter kill relay would kill a cars battery.
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