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Which directions to use int-bmw2 or evo-all

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I contacted support today to ask which directions to use for 2009 Mini Cooper , there are two differences, BMW says to hook the brake though the BMW unit and hook the rf loop through a white/red and white/blue wire on the evo-all.

The evo-all says to hook the brake to the evo-all and to use the white two pin connector as the rf loop. I was told to use the BMW directions. I hope this is right the support tech told me to use 7971, that came up as the BMW directions. He was to busy talking over me when I tried to confirm this with him, no where on the BMW directions is 7971 listed and no where on the evo-all directions does it say to refer to the the BMW directions. Can you confirm that this is correct, the tech was kind of rude.
posté Jan 14, 2014 dans la catégorie Mini par Jeff Patton (440 points)

1 Réponse

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You use 2 guides together 7971for INT-BMW and 3320 for EVO-ALL
répondu Jan 14, 2014 par Jeff Patton (8,290 points)