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Does the Red led always need to come on 2020 Silverado 1500, Evo-one?

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Hello, thanks for looking at my question. I am using an Evo one, with A GM 7 T harness in a 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Everything has gone pretty well I installed the T harness, attached both unlock leads to the gray BCM plug, and the tailgate/trunk lead to the pink BCM plug, double checked pins, and that looks good. The Evo1 lights up like it is supposed to, except after the step where I hit the program button 5 times under the yellow LED and turn to run, the RED Solid never comes on the first try. After failing 3 times, I expiremented and turned the key a few tries until it eventually turned red.

The steps resumed as expected I got the rapid flashing blue lights at on postion, went inside to windows computer and used the Dcrypter to record the key. that went well, no errors or issues with the fortin software. The problem is that the remote start does not work. Tried both the lockx3 and the lock+tailgate and it does not work to start car. Since the key flashed properly, and the LEDs resumed normally, is that red led lighting after the original 5 program button taps the issue, or are the 7 loose wires needing to be connected to something two greens, one blue, black, orange, orange and black wire.

I followed the wiring diagram, these 7 loose wires I find unnerving, was it inferred what to do with these wires as a profession because I am DIY and might need just a little more of an explanation.
posté Jan 19, 2021 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Glen Coulson (160 points)

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You need to wait for the yellow led to become static ON before turning the key to RUN during the programming procedure.

Also, when you do the 3X Lock , Press the button 1sec each time, not too fast.

When you do the 3X Lock, what are doing the 3 leds on the module ?

Have you activated the 38.2 option for the 3X Lock Start feature ?
répondu Jan 19, 2021 par Jerome Thomassin (1,780 points)
Upon every button press on the FOB, the evo one flashes a blue LED. When I start the vehicle with my Key, Yellow LED is illuminated. I suppose I have to plug the Evo1 back into the PC to see 38.2, is there a menu just see everything turned "on" and selected? Thank you for helping me.
Hello, Jerome. Thanks for looking at the answers to your question. I'm hoping you have more ideas
Okay so when the 38.2 option is activated, everytime you lock the doors the Blue Led on the module will blink once, upon the third blink, red led should come on, then yellow, then the truck will crank and start.


If on the 3rd blue led flash, nothing happens, probability of the option not been turned on are high.


Yes you do have to plug the evo-one back to your FlashLink Manager, then you will go into the "remote starter" part of the option, not in the "bypass" section , then you will see each option number, their function, and if they're activated, 38.2 is close to the end of the page
Ok, I activated 38.2 you were right it said off. It is on Now. When I try the remote start like you said each lock is followed by a blue led flash. Except I click mine 3 times and nothing happens still no red or yellow led. Should I try the key programming again? I still feel like I have too many loose wires on the t harness, all the main bcm plugs are connected but yellow and orange are still free with 5 others as in my instructions they didn't say to connect anything.
Oops, it is not on now. This is strange, I guess 38.2 is not on. I go in and set it and save it, but it doesn't take. I have saved the setting change multiple times and the next time I plugin in its not 38.2 but instead 38.4 enable remote. I have re flashed it after saving and it stays the same 38.4. How do I save this and have it save 38.2 instead of 38.4. This software does not work with regards to changing these options. Is there a sequence for which things are supposed to done?

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