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2005 f150 using evo one

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Im installing a evo one kit in this truck , according to the install guides it should work with 3 press remote start . what i cant figuire out is how to activate it ? It isnt a can bus system and the install guide doesnt list what wires to connect to interface the factory wiring to the evo one , it is enabled in the firmware and all firmware is at the current level .
posté Jan 17 dans la catégorie Ford par keith conover (130 points)

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3X lock start isn't supported on 2005 F-150, which guide have you followed for installation ?
répondu Jan 17 par Jerome Thomassin (1,630 points)
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this car is pretty much an analoug installation, you need to connect manually the wires.

Your guide # 22301. you need the specific wiring diagram for your vehicle,

for ignition, 12+, Start accessory, parking lights, Foot brake. you need to use an RFKIT to control the car. Ignition (Blue / Green), 12 Volt + (Light Green / Purple) , Accessory (Black / Green), Starter (Red / Blue) at ignition switch connector (Black Color).

Parking light (Positive Brown color) at parking switch.

Foot Brake: Light Green at trailer connector above brake pedal. Grey 6-pin connector pin 2.
répondu Jan 17 par Haidar Jabbar (8,650 points)

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