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Phone app addon inop, wont start the car. Only key fob

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Bought the add on feat. Gps from mpc installed and shows location and battery voltage but will not operate the start or lock feats.
posté Jan 16, 2021 dans la catégorie Dodge par Mohamed Zaid (130 points)

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You need to pair the antenna to your remote start module, it's not plug and play. What module are you using , in which vehicle and wath is the brand of your antenna ?
répondu Jan 17, 2021 par Jerome Thomassin (2,030 points)
Evo all, with the gps upgrade to be able to use the MYcar app/linkr to start it with your phone. But I do not have an antenna with this unit. It uses the key fob 3x press to start
2008 Dodge Charger SXT
The GPS unit is from B-4700, EVO-ALL is the remote start module
You will need to connect your Evo-ALL to the FlashLinkManager and activate option H2.


After that you'll need to follow either the MPC instruction to pair it to your module or the Evo-ALL remote programming procedure