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2008 Ford Focus Crimestopper/Evo-All

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I have tripple checked all of the wiring between the two units and they all match the TIP sheet i got from MPC. the Evo-All seems to go trough all of the programming steps i bring it in and do the dycriptor and it says everything is good and happy. also all of the recommended setting are set up and saved to the Evo-All. I take it back to the car plug it back in and hit the lock button three times and the cluster comes on but the security light flashes like crazy. ive treid talking with tech support on the MPC side and they are swamped and getting a responce sucks. im going to keep digging through all of these questions from everyone else and see if i can find something but this has been a huge headache. thank you. EDIT: After i plug everything back in after dycripting the key and i try to start the car from the OEM fob the yellow light on the Evo-All stays on. it does the same if i start the car with the key. BUT if i start the car with the key and hit the lock button 3 times i can here the two modules kick on and i can pull the key out of the ignition and the car will stay running then i can hit the lock button three more times and everything will shut off.
posté Jan 12, 2021 dans la catégorie Ford par Jeff Eldred (160 points)
modifié Jan 12, 2021 par Jeff Eldred

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