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Stops unless I hit push to start button twice

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2019 Dodge Ram Tradesman 1500, new style, 5.7L, auto, Tip start, . Evo One w/THAR6 harness.Using factory lock/unlock/alarm remote, 3X lock to start then unlock to enter the truck.All soldered and heat shrunk connections.

Installed back in June, worked great until last week. Starting one week ago, would shut off when I hit the brake even tho I pushed the start button before touching the brake.

By accident I found out if I pushed the start button twice before hitting the brake, it would keep running as it had been doing the previous 6 months, what could have changed?...........Mike


Now a few weeks later, it won't keep running even when I hit it twice, stops immediately when I hit the brake....any ideas?........Mike
posté Jan 11, 2021 dans la catégorie Ram par Mke Milburn (250 points)
modifié Jan 28, 2021 par Mke Milburn

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If take over was functioning before I dont see why it would stop working unless something came loose.

For take over to work you must send unlock from the OEM remote and you must open and close the door.
répondu Jan 28, 2021 par derek ! (277,630 points)

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