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Can not program RFK422 kit remotes

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I have the same issue of not able to program RFK422 kit.

Tacoma OEM remote start works fine.

When there is not key plugged in, dongle of RF Kit flashes blue. However when i put key to ON (to program) no led light on dongle.

Appreciate help in programming.

BTW UNIT is EVO ONE with latest 79.65 firmware.

Unit options shows under RF KIT Compatible. only Fortin 2 selected

Appreciate help.

posté Jan 9 dans la catégorie RF-Kits par P Patidar (390 points)

1 Réponse

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Found issue.

Basically, should ahve followed instruction carefully :)

Need to do 2 time ON-OFF-ON (basically 2 times ON).

Werere able to prgoram remotes... works great.
répondu Jan 11 par P Patidar (390 points)
Sup. Good to hear you got it sorted. I have rf kit 411 1-way remotes. anyway, I was trying to program to get it working, but with no luck... What I did is that I sickle ignition on-off-on, blue led comes on, pressed brake pedal 4 times, but antenna blue led stays on and won't enter to program mode. Any idea why? Also tried with valet switch, ignition on, pressed and hold till horn or alarm makes a sound, but will not come, only antennas blue led starts rapidly flash, for about 30 seconds and go off... What I'm doing wrong? So confused, thanks for any help
You may want to try the steps again. using Key and padel is probably much easier. Hope you were able to program.