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Valet Button

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Have bought EVO-ONE without fortin remote. Plan to use OEM FOB.

How do we add Valet remote start disable support ?

Can OEM Key FOB can be used ?

Also; if we want to add Valet switch - what will be the part number do we need?
posté Jan 6, 2021 dans la catégorie FAQ par P Patidar (390 points)

1 Réponse

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the 2 pin connector on the evo one is for the valet switch.

How to enter and exit valet mode is shown in this guide:


the oem fob cannot be used to enter/exit valet mode.
répondu Jan 6, 2021 par derek ! (285,690 points)
Thanks Derek.

Was not sure weather valet swtich comes with unit or not... Thanks for confirming.
EVO-ONE came with valet switch. Thanks !