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Missing Fire and engine light blinking

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1. 2010 RAM1500 GAS EVO-ALL Installed with RF641/ The installation was straight foward. It is done successfully

2. Sometimes remote engine starts with strange noise (It looks like it is trying cranking and missing fire???). Eventually, it started. This issue was started about 2 weeks ago after the installation.

It happened 2 times so far. After this issue was happening, Engine light is blinking and disappered / RAM Manual says that it is Emissions error???(MIL). I have not checked OBD yet.

3. Most of the time, it works fine. No issue at all. But, after remote engine started successfully, Tire pressure error came on and disappeared when I put the metal key

4. What is the problem?

5. I think my RAM need some delay before cranking. Can I re-program with Diesel delay option for GAS?
posté Jan 6, 2021 dans la catégorie Ram par Myung-Jin Jung (160 points)
modifié Jan 6, 2021 par Myung-Jin Jung

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Enable option D1.3 to add a delay before crank and make sure unit is flashed for 59.XX firmware
répondu Jan 6, 2021 par Robert T (279,020 points)
Hi.. Thank you for your comment.

1. It just flashed for 59.01 firmware.  It was 74.XX firmware.

I did not try the factory reset. Just update the firmware.

2. Re-connect all connectors.

Now the situation has been changed.

The EVO RF Kit blue flashing is faster then before.

Now the remore starter still works, but engine started and turned off in few seconds, and then it started again and off in few seconds again. After two times engine starts, it just stayed with OFF status.  

3. I just figured out that the Guide #94231 has been chaged.

I have used Guide #94231 REV 20200323 version.

It is now 20201221.

There difference is A18 wireing. It is currently connected to (MUX) Parking lights without 1.5K resistor.

Based on Guide #94291, Parking wire is A14. It should be connected to (MUX) Parking lights.

3. Question
A) Do I need to follow Guide #94291?

B) Do I need the factory reset and re-programing every steps?

C) What can I do for the next troubleshooting?

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