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installing viper on 08 bmw 328i e90, where do I start with the alarm

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Directed gives no help on installing their product so I was hoping I could get some help here. have tried forums and searched until my fingers are sore but nothing on my car specifically. I think I have most of the steps down for installing the evo-all and int-bmw2, but all I see is just the main data wires being connected to the evo-all, what else is the main alarm brain connected to? I still have an antenna and a sensor to hook up. If anything, could you point me in the direction of a comparable alarm system that integrates with your modules that has a diagram for installing their product into my car? thanks
posté Jan 14, 2014 dans la catégorie BMW par Christopher Johnson (140 points)

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Hi Christopher,


If you use the INT-BMW2 install guide and the EVO-ALL install guide, all required connections are pointed out. I'd recommend not bothering with datalink connections if you are not familiar with it; all the dotted lines in INT-BMW guide should be connected to appropriate wires of the VIper system. I'd recommend looknig at the EVO-ALL only install guide also because it indicates 2 or 3 more wires you should connect from the EVO to the Viper system, such as trunk status.


In short, there will not be many connections made from the Viper system to the vehicle besides for 12V, Ground, Parking Lights and installing the Siren.


As a little warning, If connections at the brake are not properly done, you will blow the brake switch.
répondu Jan 14, 2014 par Robert T (284,490 points)