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2020 Kia FORTE with EVO ONE and T-Harness. Once the car is started, the keys do not respond. Could you give us a solution? After checking the possible solutions that you offer us on your website, none have worked for us. Thanks in advance.
posté Dec 30, 2020 dans la catégorie Kia par Jandlo Romero (130 points)

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That is pretty normal for KIA, for Remotes not to respond after started, I belive the instuctions include a  cut and relay install that interupts the TPMS system that allows the fobs to work, while the engine is running. Did you do the cut/relay step?
répondu Dec 30, 2020 par ken simpson (1,490 points)
Thanks for your comment. Yes I did the cut/relay step but still the factory(OEM) key stops working after the car starts. Is there anything you can tell me a suggestion, advice, etc. to get this issue fixed. Thanks for your time!
I would double check connections around the relay. Make sure the relay has a good ground. But that's about all I've got.. make sure the EVO unit is flashed with the recommended firmware revision, Could always use an RF kit. May not be the best of ways around it, but it is one way around it
What relationship does TPMS have with remote start? According to documentation, is the TPMS oriented to the tire pressure sensor?
The TPMS, is interupted to allow your factory key fobs to work, If it is working properly, you will see your TPMS light flashing when you have the vehicle started via the remote starter. During normal operations, KIA will not allow your factory fob to work while the engine is running.

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