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EVO-ALL Not Pairing With CAN BUS

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Hello All;

I'm having difficulty getting the EVO-ALL to correctly pair with the CAN Bus.  Per the troubleshooting guide, I did double-check each connection and tested the voltage.  I believe I have an unbalance pair CAN1 connections.  One connductor tests at 4.5 and the other at .5.  Per the guide, I've tried to cycle the vechile thorugh its functions, e.g. Start, Stop, Seats, Mirrors, etc but I can't get the CAN1 conductors to measure at 2.5.  See troubleshooting guide below:

Any ideas?



NOTE: In some cases the can bus wires will fall into a single wire can system and this may prevent the module from programming the can bus. Meter the can bus wires one at a time. They should measure roughly 2.5 Volts DC per wire. If you have one wire with 4.5 Volts and the other is .5 Volts the module may not program. Stop programming and start the vehicle with the key or pts button, put the vehicle through its functions such as the radio on/off, door locks,electric seats, etc to try and balance out the can bus wires. In some cases you may need to drive the vehicle to get the Can Bus to balance back out. Once you have done this re test the can bus wires to ensure they are roughly 2.5 volts per wire.

posté Dec 28, 2020 dans la catégorie Hyundai par Al Stewart (130 points)

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