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I have installed and programmed the Evo ONE module on 2018 Subaru Outback Push to Start. The module have been programmed and dycrypted when everything is connected, and 3xlock button is pressed on the remote, the car tries to start 2 times, but there is no cracnking sound on the engine. Please help.

I have also tested the voltage from the root wire and the end(connector), on both sides Immo wire puts out 10.9 Volts.

Another thing I have tried to get the voltage reading oin the Yellow(+Starter) Evo Module wire and it is not giving me any readig (0 V), and the main harness WiteGreen(on the green socket Pin34) isn't giving any voltage reading either, is it supposed to be 12V, when the car attempts to start the wire give 12V. any clues?

P.S. When the car tries to start the starte make clicking noise, but the engine won't crank, so basicaly the starter is in a zooming stage.

posté Dec 14, 2020 dans la catégorie Subaru par Viktor Ryzhykh (290 points)

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