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2015 Toyota Corolla H-Key Without Smart Key Remote Start will start but won't keep it on.

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Hi I have an Evo All updated to the lastest firmware as of today (12/11/2020) 79.65 I believe, with all preset options, meaning i did not turn on or off any feature on the Evo All through the FlashLink Manager. To pair with the Evo All I have an Encore E1.


My vehicle is a 2015 Toyota Corolla L H-KEY without smart key (no lock or unluck button on it)


Evo All Installation Guide with Remote Start Unit

Encore E1 Installation Manual.


So I have all the Evo All cables connected to the car which are

A20 to 30-pin connector position 16;

A18 to E3 White 40-pin connector position 34;

A10, C3, and C4 to OBD-II connector in its respective positions 7, 6, 14;


Also I have the Encore E1 connecting to the Evo All which are

10 Pin Encore E1 connector  ->  20 Pin Evo All connector

White/Red Tachometer  -> A12

White/Black Hood Pin -> A15

Black/White Brake Shutdown -> A11

White Ground when Runing bypass output -> A8

Pink Security Disarm Signal -> this is connected to Lt. Green wire in the Driver Kick white connector.


So its missing couple wires to be wireout such as:


Encore E1 10 pin connector

White/Blue Instant Start Input (+) -> which i have no idea what is the purpose of this wire and where to connect.

Gray Channel 3 Trunk Output -> i didnt do it because i dont have a eletronic trunk release, mine is manual pull up type.

Blue/Black ACC2 -> because my vehicle doesnt have a second ACC

Yellow Ignition 3 output -> again because the car doesnt have it.


So, to summarize, the vehicle locks and unlock just as it should through the Encore E1 4-Button remote control, however, the remote start function will turn on the car in the first try but it will only stay on for 5 seconds, then it shut itself off. After, it tries to start it again, and the cycle repeats 1 more time after that, totaling 3 tries. It starts but wont keep on after 5 seconds.

What am i doing wrong? what am i missing here?

I have no idea whats missing or why this is happening. If someone has an idea, please share with me. Thank you so much.
posté Dec 11, 2020 dans la catégorie Toyota par MICHAEL DONINI (370 points)

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Ok, I got this working now.

What I was missing was to get the Encore E1 to learn the RPMs. Once I did it, it worked fine.

The procedure to get it to learn the RPMs on Encore E1 is:

- Put the key on ignition on and of 3 times, and leave on off on 3rd time.

- Press the Valet button 7 times, and hold it on 7th until you hear a long horn.

- After that on your 4 button key fob press the remote start button until you hear 2 short chirp from the horn. Once you hear it you're in RPM learning.

- next start the vehicle with your key. - then hold pressed the Valet button for 2 seconds. You will hear a long horn and the valet led will flash, confirming that the RPM has been learnt.

- then shut off the vehicle

And that's all to it.

The Encore E1 it's the only module from Encore Automotive Systems that don't have a complete manual and it's the cheapest remote start they have. Paired with a Evo All these two comes with tons of features. :)
répondu Dec 12, 2020 par MICHAEL DONINI (370 points)
élue Dec 12, 2020 par Robb