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2011 Jetta defroster connection to EVO-ONE

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I plan to purchase an EVO-ONE & TB-VW for a 2011 VW Jetta S standard key and self-install it using the "regular install NO KEY REQUIRED" (Guide # 61511). My goal is to activate electric rear window and side mirror defrosters upon remote start. 
  1. Are additional wiring diagrams available from Fortin/ showing the rear window and outside mirror defrost circuit connections (these may be separate circuits) for this vehicle? 
Per prior Fortin response to a prior question: the EVO-ONE has an analog AUX output can be set to automatically activate when temperatures are below 5C. 
  1. Is that AUX output signal though terminal A13(yellow/black)?
  2. Is there an additional input connection to make for the vehicle's thermocouple?
  3. IF the rear window and outside mirror defrosters are separate circuits, does the EVO-ONE have an AUX2 that will serve the same function?
Regarding the THAR-VW3 harness; would using the THAR-VW3 for this install still allow the AUX/AUX2 functions described above or make them easier to achieve compared to the "regular install NO KEY REQUIRED" method?
posté Dec 4, 2020 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Jason123 (160 points)

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Extra wiring would be required. The unit can support 2 AUX through data but only 1 AUX analog output. For this vehicle, since the module will not control what you want through data, you would have to use the A13 wire. Even though it's only 1 wire, you can use that to trigger a multiple of circuits by splitting the output with diodes.

A13 would be your AUX output once function 25 is set to any of the 6 different options. If function 25 is not changed, the A13 is default an analog trunk output (which you will not need since the unit is programmed to use a different wire for trunk on that car).

With function 39.2 enabled, the AUX1 will trigger automatically upon remote start when temperatures are below 5C. Thermostat is built into the evo, so dont install it near a vent :)


Tharness or not will not change anything.
répondu Dec 12, 2020 par Robert T (284,490 points)