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2014 Audi SQ5 problem with key programming

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I am trying to get the Evo-All with the AUDT1 to work in my 2014 SQ5.  The problem is during programing.  I get to the point of all 3 lights flashing, then solid red, then I get flashing red every 1 second instead of red and yellow flashing.  I put a new battery in the remote, and tried again.  The second time, I got the red and yellow flashing, so I did the Decrypt.  I was able to activate the Autostart with 3 lock butttons, but the car won't start without putting the key in the keyport.  I get a red light, then a click and yellow light, then a red light.  Then a red blink 3 times.  The car doesn't start, so the 3 red is no tach signal, which makes sense.  If I put the spare key in the keyport, then press 3 locks, the car starts right up.  I think the decrypt didn't work.  I tried a master reset, and retry configuration, but now I can't get the red and yellow again.  I have tried 5 times, and can't get a key read off the keyport.  iI have connected the t cable to the keyport, the brake cable, and the 2 canbus wires to the steering column can bus wires.  When the EVO-ALL is trying to read the key, the car will show a Parking Brake Malfunction, the HVAC turns off and back on, then gives another Parking Brake Malfunction, then shows a red light, then a flashing red light.  Not sure why the controller won't program correctly.  Does anyone have any ideas?
asked Nov 23, 2020 in Audi by Travis Ryan (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module? Sounds like you might have the wrong firmware inside.


This vehicle requires a key wrap.


answered Nov 23, 2020 by derek ! (277,630 points)
Thank you. The SN is 001A07103486. I checked capabilities and the 2014 SQ5 shows no key needed. Is the online configuration incorrect? I have loaded firmware 60.08 per the instructions.
No no that is my mistake I entered 2015 on accident. 2014 you are correct does not reuqire loosing a key.


I need to look into what the 1 red flash error means and I will get back to you in a bit.


What is the complete vin to the vehicle?
After speaking with a colleuge 1 red flash means it is having an issue trying to read the info on the imo data wire.

Since you are using a t-harness I would suggest trying to program it with the vehicles other key.


Also verifying the lt.blue/black is not damaged and all connectors are properly seated.
Great information. I will check that out and report back.
I repeated the T harness connections at the Keyport. There is no lt. Blue and black wire at the Keyport. There is a lt. Blue wire at the Keyport T connector. All the connections seem fine. I went through the programming after repeating the cables. Now I got the red and yellow flashing. I went to Decrypt and that worked. I plugged back into the car. Tried to start, but there is no response from the Fortin box. No blue light when I lock the door. I went back to the computer and re-flashed the firmware and options. Back to the car. Nothing with the lock button. I redid the programming. Got to the red and yellow flashing. Tried to Decrypt again...maxed out....ugh! How do I get the Decrypt limit reset? Why is there nothing on the box with the key. There must be a problem with the T-harness. Can you send me a replacement T-harness?
I have reset the unit for you. Re run the programming in the vehicle and the dcryptor once start to finish.

Sounds like it missed something in the intial programming if blue wasnt blinking when you press lock. You were on the right track by re flashing and re programming.


Your t-harness doesnt sound defective if its going through programming. Sounds more like the intial problem was that it may not have been fully clipped in.
Following up...Car is now working.  Must have been a loose connection.   I am a little worried about issues going forward.  I unplugged and replugged the T harness.  Everything looked fine.  I guess time will tell.  At least my wife is happy with a warm car for now!


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