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Vw Jetta 2019 slow red flash step 8

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Please help. Evo one on a 2019 vw Jetta up to 08-2018. I get to step 8  it the unit is not programming it flashes slow red. Followed support steps to check settings, open close door, start car and even master reset using valet 23 times... it still flashes slow red every time I try to program it.


it's a manual transmission so I added the check parking brake.

what am I missing?

SN 002B04131503
asked Nov 22, 2020 in Volkswagen by Mike Giannikos (360 points)

1 Answer

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How many times per second does the red led flash? Its giving you an error code. Below are the codes:


R-Link error codes
1 red LED flash = Problem with the RLink Vw programmer or it's connection or key placement.
2 red LED flash = Connection problem with CAN2
3 red LED flash = Not able to access cluster information (cluster unknown/virtual cluster not supported).
4 red LED flash = N/A
5 red LED flash = Cluster is in protection mode.
To exit protection mode leave the ignition in the ON position for 15 minutes.
answered Nov 23, 2020 by derek ! (277,110 points)
Thanks Derek, it was the RLink. Programming completed.

one more question though, is it normal that after I remote start the véhicule, and I turn it off after driving around, that the doors automatically lock? Is there a setting I can remove for that? If I forget the key in the car let's say I'm done for it!


Are you saying the doors automatically lock when you turn the car off after driving around?
Yes so

1- set to ready mode

2- remote start

3-drive around

4-turn off car, don't set to ready mode, get out of car

5- the car locks on its own
Perhaps try turning off the alarm option 14 in the unit and see if it still does it.


I think that might be normal behaviour of the unit though.


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