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Jeep Liberty wont start

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I bought my Evo-all for a 2009 Jepp Liberty and was told it was going to be flashed for it.  I connected the chrt5 wires,  yellow to yellow and purple to green with red tracer.  I did the programming as per youtube and all the steps worked great.


Now when I press lock 3 times it doesnt start.  The blue light flashes when i press the lock button but no start.  I suspect it hasnt been flashed.  Is there a way to tell if thats the case before I buy the flashlink? or do I have other issues?
asked Nov 21, 2020 in Jeep by Phil D (180 points)

2 Answers

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after you get the blue led to blink 3 times, what do the other lights on the evo do?
answered Nov 23, 2020 by derek (270,220 points)
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They do nothing, it simply flashes at the same time i press the lock button like its aknowledging the input but thats it.  It goes through the program steps just fine as they should, but when I try the 3x lock to start nothing.


I see that people give a number on here and can tell if the unit has been flashed?
answered Nov 23, 2020 by Phil D (180 points)
Yes, what is the S/N I will take a look beacuse it does sound like you are missing a few options inside the unit.
sn is: 001A06 xxxxxx
The stand alone 3x lock feature is not enabled. Turn options C1 and D1 inside the unit using the flash link updater. Save the options, then plug it back into the car and re test.
Thank you very much.  I suspected that was the case.
Can you guys help me, I have a 2009 Jeep Liberty with the same problem won't sart,

I did everything, Flashed the evo with the last version, anable all the options C1, D1 and still won't start.


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