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immobilizer system service required error after RFK kit install - car will no longer start with original key

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Remote start was programmed and worked perfectly, however the takeover sequence only worked by pressing brake and restarting the car with original key.

I just installed the RFK912 and progammed it corectly,  the car worked fine starting from the rf remote and original remote. The car both remote started and then after shutting down started normally with the original fast key.

The same night, after starting with the RF key and shutting down pressing the break, the car no longer starts with the original key and shows the immobilzer system service required fault. I can still remote start the car but cant use the original remote to start and drive away. after removing the evo-all - the car shows the same fault. It is stuck where it is.


i tried to use teh dcrypot but it needs resetting - i want to reflash the dcryptor and try starting again.

SN 001A07140493

asked Nov 19, 2020 in Mitsubishi by T QURAISHI (190 points)
edited Nov 19, 2020 by T QURAISHI

1 Answer

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Sounds like either a loose connector or broken wire.
answered Nov 19, 2020 by Robb (262,670 points)
any idea where to start looking? the remote start works as it did the last few weeks

even when i added the rf kit it worked fine - tested it and drove aorund/ started several times.

maybe a blown fuse?