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2016 Escape, remote starts by pushing lock/unlock door switches and park light prob.

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Installed EVO-ALL with T-harness 4 on my 2016 Ford Escape.  Everything works ok except these 2 issues.

1.  I programmed to start with the lock-unlock-lock command using factory fob.  It works with the fob but it will also start by pushing interior door locking switches in the same manor.  Is this normal?  I did connect the white to unlock and white/black to lock through a diode per instructions.  I also cut the door pin wire and connected the green/white to the low volt side and green/red to the high volt side per instructions.  Not sure if any of this plays a part but it doesn't seem to me it should work this way.

2.  I installed the parking light relay per instructions.  I thought the relay would allow the park lights to come on while the vehicle is running on remote stater.  I does not.  The relay trigger is connected to the brown/white wire.  I have tested the relay by grounding the trigger wire and it does turn on park lights, just doesn't turn them on during remote start run time.  I did turn on parking light control option in the program.

Any suggestions appreciated.
asked Nov 16, 2020 in Ford by Rik McClanahan (160 points)

1 Answer

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1. Yes. Module monitors doorlocks on CAN. The connections themselves are only to allow lokc-unlock control from a third party remote. Some vehicles generate the same CAN codes when using the inside switch. The switch typically goes dead once the car is locked/armed and vehicle is in sleep.


2. What is the 12 digit service number of the module?
answered Nov 16, 2020 by Robb (255,780 points)
1.  Are you saying the door lock connections are not needed in this case since I am using the OEM keyfob?

2. 001A06826031

correct, door lock connection not really required if you are doing remote start from the oem remote.


2/ Turn off A14.
That did the trick.  I was thinking the park light control would need to be on in order to control the park lights.  Seems backwards to me but it's working now so good enough.

I really appreciate your help.  Thank you.