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warning light on display

0 votes
evo All wire to wire 2016 lexus RX350 everything works fine but has a warning light on the dash it says there is a key malfunction in the electrical connection, how can I fix the problem, thanks
asked Nov 16, 2020 in Lexus by reymon sencion (280 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
The remote starter shuts down when you open a door. Once the car is started is normally by the client, there will no warnings.


If there are warning even when the car is started normally, there<s a loose connector somewhere or you need to reset the car by disconnecting the battery a few minutes.
answered Nov 18, 2020 by Robert T (279,340 points)
I have 2013 Honda Accord push to start i have same issue, i disconnected the battery. The warning light is still on. Unhooked the evo one and the light went out. So im stuck. I even factory reset and reflash same result.
amigo yo pude resolver mi problema con la lexusel problema era que el diodo estaba alrreves


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