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Will the Evo-one standalone (No RF) allow for 3x OEM Lock button to start a 2015 Ford Transit XLT?

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Just wondering if anyone knows if the EVO-ONE install on a 2015 Ford Transit XLT will allow for 3x OEM Lock button on the remote to start the van. This would be just a bare install, no RF antenna.

Alternately, would I be able to install the EVO-ALL as a standalone remote starter if I buy the RF Antenna?
asked Nov 12, 2020 in Ford by David Beukema (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
No. 3XL is not supported on that vehicle. https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/ford/transit/2015-standard-key/
answered Nov 12, 2020 by Derek (204,120 points)