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not start after programming

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Recently purchased Evo-all kit with THAR-TOY6 for my 2014 lexus is250 (push to start) and tried to install it.


I believe that installation and programming were done properly as per instructions.

1. Connected the black pin to steering column and the B white pin to ECU according to instructions

2. Data pin inserted to evo-all kit with pressing programming button

3. The button was released when solid blue is on

4. All other pins connected

5. Ignition on and the blue light blinking

6. Turn ignition off


But still it does not start with 3x lock button on OEM fob.

1. the blue light is not on with fob lock button pressed (I saw others on Youtue light up blue with button pressed)

2. the kit has the solid yellow light when the car is running or ignition is on


I did not buy the flash updater because a retailer said it is not necessary if I would like to use only remote start feature.

Do I have to hook up extra wires from the white 20 pin to any other pin/wires? instruction tells each wire's feature (ex: (-) ground while running - dark blue - A8), but it does not tell what to do with those wires or I do not understand properly.

Please advise.


S/N on the kit: 001A07147926

Vehicle: 2014 lexus is250 pts automatic


Thank you,
asked Nov 12, 2020 in Lexus by Suwoo Lee (160 points)

1 Answer

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If you ground the yellow/black wire on the 20 pin connector does the vehicle remote start?
answered Nov 12, 2020 by derek ! (277,630 points)
no, it does not start.

It is stil same as before. Until programming is same as instructions.

But not start the vehicle/no blue led flash by clicking lock button.
What do the led's on the module do when you ground the yellow/black wire?
no led light up when yellow black wire ground. I tried two way.

1. ground yellow black wire before programming-> no led light up/flashing

2. ground the wire after programming-> no led light up/flashing

up to programming is fine.

(blue led is blinking with ignition on and blue led off with ignition off).

I am not sure yellow black wire has to ground since yellow black wire is mentioned as "ISOLATE NOT CONNECTED" according to instruction#70731,
enable option D1 and see if it will start it in stand alone.
I just reset and re-flash the module, it works now.




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