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Blue LED goes out during bypass programming

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2008 Hyundai Sonata Evo-One doesn't have PATS wire so I didn't use red connector and light blue wires from 20 pin connector. I finished all the wiring and checked it million times. When I press programming button and plug the 6 pin connector, let go on blue, connect 20 pin, antenna, valet, and can bus, put the key turn to on position LEDs go out.

I tried turning on option 20.2 but when I plug the 6 pin connector all lights flash then they go out and nothing. I'm I missing something?


EDIT: Turned out my antenna was faulty, everything works great now.
asked Nov 8, 2020 in Hyundai by sadiq Ali (140 points)
edited Nov 9, 2020 by sadiq Ali

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