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2005 Acura TL Remote Start, which EVO product?

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I am installing Fortin EVO on Acura TL 2005 remote starter with SmartEvo2. I want to buy the right module. I am planning to use the EVO-ONE to be installed. 

My question is, do I need additional remoter starter module to be installed or the EVO-ONE will be enough to be remote starter + bypass and to work with the Evo Start2. 

Online it only shows Regular installation. https://fortin.ca/en/vehicles/acura/tl/2005-standard-key/

Help is appreciated please.


asked Nov 5, 2020 in Acura by Haidar Jabbar (21,840 points)

1 Answer

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Evo-One & an RF kit for that vehicle.


The evo-one is a remote starter and bypass in one unit.
answered Nov 5, 2020 by derek ! (284,570 points)
selected Nov 6, 2020 by Haidar Jabbar
Thanks, your help is apprechiated Derek.

Hi Derek thanks for your answer. I have a follow up question:


Can I use the OEM remote just to unlock or lock the car after remote start the carby an RFKIT.

Looking at the diagrams: I see an "optional" option in the:


REGULAR INSTALLATION-Guide 90151: Red Connector: D3: Yellow/Red " + Ignition2 " Connection only required only if OEM remotes is desired".



Does this mean, if I use this wire I will be able to use the OEM remote to just unlock or lock car? 


Correct, it allows the lock and unlock from the oem remote to function while the vehicle is remote started.