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How to install the valet switch Evo All Standalone installation.

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Please do my a favour. Talk to me like I'm 7 and give me the step by step process of installing the valet switch.


1. connect which side of the wire to A13 (I'm thinking the black wire with grey checks (positive side). 

2. find a metal piece and attach wire that is black to a screw and fasten it.

3. Mount switch (where most people mount this). 

I'm having some recall work done with the air bag inflators on Nov 12th from the dealer. Also curious how to install this thing properly,

asked Nov 2, 2020 in Chrysler by 8itgreat (630 points)

1 Answer

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It is simply a regular on-off switch.

  • Take any of the two wires, connect one of them to ground (metal)
  • Take the other wire, connect it to A8 - dark blue wire on evo
  • most techs will run the switch to the vehicles inside cabin fuse box for easy access. It can be installed anywhere, just keep it far from accidentally knocking it with your feet


When evo see's a ground signal on A8, it will no remote start.

Switch in OFF position = Valet Mode OFF = Remote Start will work

Switch in ON position = Valet Mode ON = Remote Start will not work

answered Nov 2, 2020 by Robert T (284,540 points)

Perfect! Thanks Robb.


I don't have an interior fuse box, but what  I did was drill a hole in the plastic piece that sits next to emergency brake.



You can pull the piece out, drill a hole and fit the switch and when the emergency brake is pressed (clears the switch by just enough, so it's not an issue, stays hidden). 



In hindsight, pull that part out and drill it, rather than drilling in place. Perfect spot for the switch. To fit it, I had to pull the piece out (my hands are not as nimble as they used to be).


side note: get yourself one of those coolant fill kits when installing a new thermostat. Well worth it for so many reasons, trust me. It's the large funnel that locks onto your coolant fill resovoir and prevents spillage and headache. (especailly if you love animals). It helps to burp your system properly without spillage and waste.


If you have a bleeder valve, don't worry about it. lol

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Thanks for the update!