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13 QX56 - Datalink Location

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How do I know if I have Datalink? Where would I find Datalink? I have a 2013 Infiniti QX56 with Push to Start and T-Harness.
asked Nov 2, 2020 in Infiniti by Phil Burdine (130 points)

1 Answer

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Data link is the term used for the communcation between a aftermarket bypass module and an aftermarket remote starter module.


Datalink is not something to do with your vehicle.
answered Nov 2, 2020 by derek ! (284,770 points)
I think that's what's so confusing to me. I assumed the EVO-ALL module gave me the capability to remote start with my OEM key fob. The install guide shows "With Data-Link or With D2D".
If you are just using the evo-all in stand alone, do not worry about the data link.

Here is the stand alone installation/programming guide:
I was looking at page 5 in this set; page 4 covered the Data Link:


Are you saying I just need to land the hot and ground from the T-Harness? I don't have the remotes so I won't have the RF-KIT.
If you are doing 3x lock from the OEM remote using only the evo-all. then the guide you linked is wrong. Use the one I linked.
Thank you for your help! It's a little confusing on the fortin.ca site as to what is what. I'll keep you posted!