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Would not command start with diode installed on ignition wire, removed diode now command start works.

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Installed an auto start command start with Fortin evo-all bypass with correct connection, software version and successful programming of the module tach is also learned.  With the diode installed the command start attempts to start but does not turn over. I removed the diode and now it works fine. Could I possibly have a bad diode? And what is the purpose of the diode? I released the vehicle to the customer just wondering if I should get it back in to reinstall another diode and retest.
asked Oct 27, 2020 in Toyota by josh willcox (220 points)

1 Answer

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What car? Typically a diode on ignition is to prevent the remote start from powering the vehicles igntion.
answered Oct 27, 2020 by Robb (262,210 points)
It's a push to start 2019 Toyota Highlander, the diode is on the ignition wire with the band facing the module. What is the diode used for? Is it used as a curcuit protector for the vehicle?
It's to prevent the starter from powering the ignition circuit but allows the remote starter to at least read ignition.

I would suggest putting the diode back, and if you still have issues with remote starting, place the yellow wire of the evo on the other side of the diode so that it monitors both the remote starter and vehicle ignition.