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Volkswagen & Audi programming diagnostics

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Trouble programming an Audi or Volkswagen?


VW/Audi that use 75.XX and 67.XX firmware (non-RLink programmer)


  • 2x Red LED Flash = CAN2 not connected properly
  • 3x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle , cluster unknown, check CAN2
  • 4x Red LED Flash = TB-VW not connected, or not connected properly
  • 5x Red LED Flash = Dcryptor 1 did not work (for vehicles that require 2 Dcryptors')
  • 6x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle, cluster unknown, check CAN2. If bcm is not original or has been modded, consider a keywrap.   

VW/Audi using 64.XX / 65.XX (with R-Link programmer)
  • Red LED toggle 1sec On/Off = no communication with RLink or it's connection or key placement. If the vehicle is PTS, DO NOT leave the key tapped on the ring. Also if PTS, take battery out of the remote. On all vehicles, be sure to use PIN 2 of the transponder connector, do not go by color.
  • 2x red LED flash = Connection problem with CAN2
  • 3x red LED flash = Not able to access cluster information. Call tech support.
  • 5x red LED flash = Cluster is on protection function, Reconnect TB-VW , keep ING ON and wait 15 minutes


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