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2016 Lexus IS200t auto headlights not working after Evo One install

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*FIXED: leave option 7 to None on remote starter side


I have the Evo One installed with the THAR-TOY6 T harness. After the installed the auto headlights do not work anymore even when pitch black outside. I have also noticed that the remote start would take 4x lock to remote start. The red LED inside the Evo One will be lit up and the 1 lock will turn it off then the RS will start the car. The biggest issues it the auto headlights. I even added the optional push start wire so install was done to the letter from the instructions. On my trip tonight I .noticed after 20 mins or so the center console light will turn off like of the headlights were off but the headlights were still on actually. It's almost like park light were switched off. Please advise
asked Oct 10, 2020 in Lexus by losmt2 (350 points)
edited Oct 13, 2020 by losmt2

1 Answer

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If you put a jumper on Yellow/Red and Yellow/Green, do the autolights start working again?

Only thing i can see, is that the circuit is always open. Refer to wire to wire guide as reference. https://fortin.ca/download/67961/evo-one_ig_reg_bi_toy_is250-is350_2014_pts_nkto_c_67961.pdf
answered Oct 12, 2020 by Robert T (284,490 points)
The jumper did not seem to have made a difference. I have narrow it down to recreating the issue. When I turn on the car I press the brake and push the start button. As the car turns on I let go of the brake quickly.

Here is when it sets, as long as I don't press the brake the auto headlights work as I cycle then on and off. When the car is started and press the brake the first time the car will beep once as the park light flash 1 time and the doors locked. After this the auto headlights don't work untill I start the car again. Hope this helps think of a reason on your end.

what is the service number of the module?


Thats an odd issue.

If you disconnect the GREEN/RED from the 20pin connector of the EVO, do autolights start working correctly then?
Service number 002B03046373 I will see if I can find the ambient light sensor to make the auto headlights come on them test by removing the Green/Red wire for the park light from the 20 pin connector
If that works, use the dedicated Parking Light output of the evo-one. It's the small PINK wire.

So, connect the Pink from 20-pin, to the green/red of the harness.


Let me know,
Pin 18 Green/Red was out and same effect but without the park light's flash

ok, I do not really have a solution a the moment. 


If it's something on CAN, try flashing an older firmware like 79.49. 

Reset then reprogram the unit. 


turning option 7.1 back on, will also get rid of that relock on brake press. 

Will try this and let you know, thanks for looking into this for me
Ok seems to be squared away now by leaving option 7 to none.


I followed the recommended steps and flashed to 79.49 and took options 7 off on the remote starter side. Did a master reset and reprogrammed to the car. The auto headlights worked again as normal. I put option 7 back on and issue was present.

To confirm my RCA I flashed back to 79.56 and left option 7 to none, master reset and reprogrammed and auto headlights work just find after pressing the brakes.

I'm the whatever all option 7 does is what was causing the issue. Probably don't see this often but might be good to note on the doc for the IS200t. At least this post will be here for reference.


Robb thank you so much for your time and helping figure this out.
Robb one last question if I can


Is there any plans to make takeover options for the IS200t and to get a little insight on why does some cars have it and others like this one doesn't.