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What is the actual run time of the FORT3 kit

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2017 F150. I do not have the options enabled in the dash for remote start. I do know that if the options are not enabled in the dash technically the trucks BCM will still run the truck for the default time of 10 minutes. I set the Evo All to run for 20 minutes. Will it actually run for 20 minutes or will it still be the default 10 minutes the truck has?
asked Oct 9, 2020 in Ford by Jaeden Hudson (340 points)
edited Oct 9, 2020 by Jaeden Hudson

1 Answer

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if you set the evo for 20 minutes, it will run for 10, then shut off and re start for another 10.
answered Oct 9, 2020 by Derek (227,910 points)